RCO History

The RCO have gathering Parisian organic chemists for more than 10 years. They were first founded by Prof. Gérard Cahiez and are supported by the Paris region section of the French Society of Chemistry (SCF).

Since its first edition, the event has taken place in different Universities and Research centers of the Paris region :

2014Paris DescartesM. Niggemann, D.J. Dixon
2013ENS CachanP. H. Seeberger, M. J. Gaunt
2012Paris SudM. Sanford, I. Markó
2011VersaillesV.Aggarwal, M. Movassaghi
2010UPMCG. Bertrand, B. List
2009Paris DescartesI. Marek, V. Gouverneur
2008ICSNS. Clark, V. Snieckus
2007Paris SudJ. Clayden, P. Kundig
2006Chimie ParisTechA. Fürstner, C. Mioskowski
2005PolytechniqueE. Carreira, J.M. Campagne, J. Barluenga
2004VersaillesA.Wessel, P. Vogel
2003Cergy-PontoiseP. Knochel, A. Commerçon

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